In the fast-paced modern construction and engineering environment, efficient material handling is the key to successful projects. On the continuous pursuit of excellent lifting solutions, the 20-ton knuckle boom truck crane will provide customers with outstanding performance, flexibility, and reliability, suitable for various construction and industrial applications.

The 20-ton folding boom truck crane possesses excellent load-bearing capacity, capable of effortlessly handling various heavy lifting tasks.

The ingeniously designed folding mechanism allows the truck crane to maintain a highly compact form both during and outside of use, facilitating convenient storage and transportation, providing immense convenience for projects.

Suitable for narrow or complex construction site environments, it exhibits outstanding maneuverability and versatility, capable of handling various lifting and transporting tasks.

Lifting equipment with a control system, the operation is user-friendly, enabling operators to precisely control the position and actions of the hook, thereby enhancing work efficiency.

Subjected to rigorous quality control, the 20-ton knuckle boom truck mounted crane ensures outstanding safety and reliability under diverse working conditions.

Applicable to construction sites, road maintenance, port loading and unloading, industrial production, and other fields.

Relong 20-ton mobile crane not only boasts outstanding performance but also undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring product stability and reliability. We are committed to providing customers with first-class lifting solutions, working hand in hand with you to create the brilliance of the project.

No matter what challenges you face, Relong 20-ton truck mounted crane can provide you with comprehensive support. 

Post time: Jan-15-2024