• Which Winch – Hydraulic or Electric?

    Both electric and hydraulic winches are powerful winch equipment extensively found in construction, mining and marine. Each of them has its particular advantages and disadvantages. When selecting between these two types of winches, consider the differences, which can be very h...
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  • Dredging pipeline&floats

    Dredging pipeline&floats

      Relong Floats are designed to be applied on HDPE or steel pipe. The dredging floats are composed of two halves made in UV-stabilized linear virgin rotomoulded polyethylene.   The Polyethylene used in the manufacturing process is completely recyclable (Eco-Friendly), it’...
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  • Complete range of pumps

    Complete range of pumps

    Complete range of pumps Relong Technology Co., Ltd maintains a high standard for our sand and gravel pumps. We have broad experience using them on the site on an everyday basis. Medium-pressure and low-pressure pumps, small and...
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