Gearbox Designed for High Loads for Dredging

Dredger gearboxes are designed with respect to harsh conditions and long life. Our dredger gearboxes are operated on small or mid-size dredgers suitable for maintenance dredging or large-size dredging vessels best fitted for land reclamation and larger sand and gravel maintenance works as well as other types of vessels such as cutter suction dredgers.
Our pump generator gear units are produced according to the customers’ specifications and offer tailor-made transmission ratios and multi-stage concepts. Our product portfolio includes gear units for jet pumps, dredge pumps, generators, cutters and winches. The gear units are designed to the customer‘s specifications and RELONG‘s in-house safety standards.

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Dredge/Jet Pump Gear Units

Supplementing the complex cutter and dredge gear units, RELONG’s generator gear units allow the transmission of low and high power ratings to match customer needs.

Cutter Gear Units

RELONG’s cutter gear units offer reliability under high torque loads for the utmost efficiency. A strong and rigid housing designed to customer specifications, will cope with any kind of working environment.

Generator Gear Units

Alternative to our complex cutter and dredge gear units, RELONG’s generator gear units allow transmission of low and high power ratings, designed in accordance to the customers’ needs.

Tackling the biggest challenges

Our experienced team of engineers and production employees is a match for the biggest challenges. From the gigantic cutters to huge planetary gears, RELONG has the production capability to cope with any customer request.
From shop floor to the shipyard, we support our customers whatever their needs to allow perfect installation and successful sea trial for a smooth passage of the vessel to the owner


- Reliable
- Gearing that interlocks perfectly
- Solid base and robust housing, designed for high loads
- Slide bearings of the highest quality for maintenance-free gear units

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